Our mission is to revolutionise ADC development

ADCs represent a powerful addition to cancer treatment, with a mechanism that permits the delivery of potent cytotoxic agents directly to cancer cells using monoclonal antibodies that target tumour-specific antigens.

This selective approach to delivery of tumour killing payloads results in superior efficacy and fewer side effects for patients.

Antibodies:  Fit-for-purpose antibodies with optimal ADC characteristicssourced through proprietary discovery or in-license opportunities

Bioconjugation:  Proprietary bioconjugation technology for proven ADC stability

Linkers:  Highly advanced tumor-selective cleavable peptide-based linkers

Payload portfolio*:

  • DNA-targeting payload with tumor-selective activation
  • DNA mono-alkylating payload
  • Novel protein alkylator payload with tumor-selective activation
  • CDK11 inhibitor specialty payload for specific molecular-profile tumour indications

Building a robust pipeline to address tumour indications with high unmet medical need

*includes in-licensed payloads for multiple targets and proprietary payload series

Raising Therapeutic Index – solving the problem in the clinic

There are currently over 100 ADCs in the clinic, comprised of a selection of payload classes, numerous linkers and a wide range of antibodies, directed towards many distinct antigens.

Iksuda’s approach is straightforward – we create ADCs which incorporate multiple safety mechanisms for the targeted delivery of potent, next generation DNA damaging payloads for the treatment of the broadest patient population possible.



Improving therapeutic index