Novel, effective, broad-ranging

Iksuda has access to a range of payloads from known and novel classes – all with different tumour killing mechanisms but able to potently induce direct apoptosis of cancer cells.

We are working with innovator BioTech companies and leading research institutions to develop a range of payload options which include next generation ultra-potent DNA-disruptive payloads, including prodrug formats, and pro-apoptotic kinase inhibitors for specific patient sub-populations.

 DNA modifier programmes

Our first-wave ADCs contain potent payloads with DNA-modifying mechanisms that are selectively activated within cancer cells.

Our 2 lead ADCs (IKS01 & IKS03) utilise LCBs proprietary PBD prodrug payload technology which combine

  • Site-specific conjugation, allowing homogenous final ADC with defined DAR
  • Plasma-stable cleavable linker enabling efficient cancer-specific payload release
  • Protecting groups which enable cancer-selective activation of the payload

We are developing ground-breaking next-generation ADC payloads with novel protein alkylating mechanisms – and are creating prodrugs that are activated via tumour specific mechanisms for added safety.

The free payloads are ultra-potent in killing cancer cells, whilst the prodrug versions enable safe delivery, enhanced by PermaLink conjugation which provides an additional safety net through its proven conjugation stability. Preclinical results suggest that this approach will deliver ADCs with high efficacy and enhanced safety.

CDK11 inhibitors

CDK11 inhibitors are under exclusive license from Cancer Research UK. We are working closely together to develop these toxins for ADCs focused on specific patient populations.

CDK11 plays an important role in cancer cycle control, neuronal function, RNA transcription regulation and apoptosis and is over-expressed in numerous tumours. Inhibition of CDK11 induces cell death and apoptosis. Selective targeting allows distinct specificity to tumour type.

Lead candidates have been selected from a low molecular weight, synthetically tractable series of compounds, fine-tuned for efficacy, conjugation efficiency and hydrophilicity.

Early research programmes

Iksuda is collaborating with several research institutes to explore the potential of early stage toxins with alternative and novel anti-cancer mechanisms.

Iksuda’s Payload portfolio*:

  • DNA-targeting payload with tumor-selective activation
  • DNA mono-alkylating payload
  • Novel protein alkylator payload with tumor-selective activation
  • CDK11 inhibitor specialty payload for specific molecular-profile tumour indications

*includes in-licensed payloads for multiple targets and proprietary payload series